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 Is it Too Soon to Start Decorating for the Holidays?

The retail industry has had to pivot for Christmas shopping this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With many online options and other creative solutions, you don’t have to miss out on deals during one of America’s favorite holidays!

Extended Online Sales

The days of limited-time deals are over. The Black Friday phenomenon has expanded to include not just one day but an entire month; this year, it will be longer than ever! You can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with your loved ones without feeling guilty because you’re too busy checking out what’s on sale at stores across town—thank goodness for premiums sales; they let us spend time together while still getting our shopping done early enough, so we don’t miss anything important (like Father/Son hockey games).

With the most prominent retailers like Walmart, Target and Kohl’s announcing they will be closed on Thanksgiving this year, it is unlikely that brick-and-mortar stores will open their doors early during the Black Friday shopping event. Online shoppers should prepare for an epic fight over Big Data with other shoppers to get their deals before everyone else does!

Curbside Pick-Up or Delivery

The convenience of curbside pick-up has made shopping on Black Friday a thing, not just for those living near expressways. You can now easily shop from the comfort of your couch while waiting in line outside any store at peak times! Store employees will bring purchases up to you, so there’s no need to go through checkout lines with people who might be carrying heavy goods bags themselves—and if that doesn’t sound too appealing, maybe this option should?

Lottery System

What’s happening at your local mall? In the age of mobile devices and social media, many people resist waiting in line for anything. Store restrictions have made it so that you can’t just walk into any store at will; there may be an entrance fee or lottery system if they’re open during certain hours (which isn’t always). You could try going another day, but what about all those other shoppers who want their items now too?!

It sounds like this year’s Black Friday was possibly the best! We can’t wait for next week because that will be another opportunity to save money and time on gifts. And who doesn’t love getting the presents they want? Professional holiday light installation might make your list now, too – not only do we offer an excellent service, but our fellow neighborhood brands also provide many other services ranging from plumbing/ heating work down to cleaning & electrical projects, so you’re covered no matter what needs doing around town (or at home)!